Dienstag, 16. August 2011

"The Island" review on National Geographic

My TimeLapse Video "The Island" has just been reviewed on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - an awesome review, again very well written by Washington D.C. based NG author Victoria Jaggard.



Montag, 15. August 2011

ESO uses footage of Black Hole Sun for their podcast "Under Chilenian Skies"


I am happy to report, that world renown European Southern Observatory Organization ESO just used some of the footage of my video "Black Hole Sun" in their latest podcast to be found here:


If you watch the podcast you may find some well known mountain views from Tyrol in there.


"The Island" TimeLapse Video hits over 400000 loads on Vimeo...

Hi everyone,

In the first week of August, I escaped the - so far - rather "English" Summer for a week of Mountain Adventure on my beloved Island La Palma with Tent and Sleeping Back as well as a truckload of Nikon- and astronomic TimeLapse Gear. And came back with my new TimeLapse Video "The Island".

Since it's introduction on Vimeo 10 days ago it was loaded incredible over 4000000 times from over 150 countries in the world, and viewed about 85000 times. Feedback is very nice and it is a great experience to share questions and ideas with viewers from all over the world!

This shows that our motto "One People, one Sky!" is true! Thank you all!

Thanks for everyone sharing this Video, this is awesome!

Teaser: "The Island" - La Palma Time Lapse Video from Christoph Malin on Vimeo.

The detailed description on how intense this production was as well as making of pictures can be found at the original link: