Samstag, 4. August 2012

Cool: The Premiere of Urban. Mountain. Sky. went very well!!

The Premiere of "Urban. Mountain. Sky." was a great, unforgettable experience and also gave the TWAN Project a boost! Thanks to everyone that joined in!

Special Thanks go to
Babak Tafreshi, Dr. Dietmar Hager and Bernd Pröschold for their great lectures during the premiere. Many thanks to the Major of Innsbruck, Christine Oppitz-Plörer and many other representants of the City for attending the Premiere.
Premiere URBAN MOUNTAIN SKY @ B. Tafreshi /
With Dietmar Hager and Babak TafreshiWith Johannes Kostenzer, LUA
With Bernhard Vettorazzi of StadtmarketingFriends attending the Premiere
Friends attending the PremiereStephanie of
2nd Part of the Party at the Innsbrucker TreibhausWith Dr. Dietmar Hager on his Lecture on Light Pollution
Bernd Pröscholds Lecture on his great projects around the Globe!With Bernhard, happy that all went well!