Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

First "Youth Leadership Mountainbike Course" planned/implemented for Austrian Summitclub!


Mountaineering Guide Paul from and me have completed the first OEAV "Übungsleiter Mountainbike" Kurs (SPOT Seminar) of the Austrian Summit Club in July. We designed and planned this new course on behalf of the OeAV. So I am now in the Instructors Team of the OeAV - which is awesome! A welcome opportunity to take all my skills of 20 years as a Mountainbike (Test)-Editor, Industry-Photographer, Bicycle Distributor Marketing Guy, Extreme Mountainbiker and Founder of and Co-Founder of the Nordpark Singletrail. This is AWESOME and a great opportunity to shape a modern Mountainbike Course program for the Austrian Summit Club - it was about time!

See how much fun we packed into this course after all!

1. OEAV Übungsleiter Ausbildung in Steinach am Brenner from Christoph Malin on Vimeo.

In total 12 participants from all over Austria attended. Most of them had already done courses of the Summit Club on youth guidance.
I teached my knowledge in the fields of Tour/Route-planning and Orientation, GPS, current Bike- and Suspension Technologies, Riding techniques as well as Bike trail ethics.

Course core focus was:

Guiding- and Leadership competence at Mountainbiking. Leadership and management skills in mountain biking.
These include increasing the personal level as well as orientation awareness, route planning, technical know how and expertise in physiology and training theories.

• Fundamentals of sport biology, sports medicine and sports psychology
• Riding skills and economy of movement
• Knowledge on current mountainbike equipment (full suspension, damper/fork, setup, frame, disk brakes, ergonomics etc)
• Legal knowledge
• Bike ethics, best practice
• Alpine dangers of mountain biking and how to minimize risk
• Route planning and guidance
• Organization and implementation of guided mountain bike rides, crossing the Alps (Transalp) and mountain bike courses
• Support of youth groups with mountain biking (logistics, limits, difficulty)
• Exams

The Austrian Summitclub’s youth leadership course "Übungsleiter Mountainbike" is as of now precursor to the Austrian State’s “Mountain bike instructor”.


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The new Dates for 2011 are fixed! See SCHEDULE to the right.

All the best...