Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

Doing the Time Lapse!


together with Vinc over at
One-Eye-Vision I have stepped into the interesting field of Astronomic-TimeLapse photography, which is a beautiful science on itself. "TimeLapse" means that still images made using a intervalometer with a Digital SLR, get combined into a movie using Adobe Premiere, AfterEffects, FCP or the like... Here photography merges with videography, and still images get moving.

You may ask why one doesn't use a Videocamera or the Movie function of a DSLR for that purpose? The reason is the lack of sensitivity of current Video Camera designs for Astronomic nightshots, that require a exposure time of 4-30 seconds (or more) due to the low light scene.

Well, you can find me a lot at and these days reading tons of tutorials and how-tows... Awesome community there!

With Timelapse I am deeply impressed with the works of
Tom Lowe and German Master Bernd Proeschold... For a really cool feature about Bernd on German WDR TV, here we go... This is how a TL is done on a very clean base - the results are awesome...

Happy timelapsing!