Sonntag, 11. März 2012

"Astronomer's Paradise" airing on "The Daily" issue Sun, March 11th, TD the number one iPad News App!

"The Daily" is an awesome News App, utilizing the iPads capabilities to it's best. In fact it is the #1 News App on iTunes. As we heard, editors at The Daily's headquarters in NY were blown away by our Starry Sky video "Astronomer's Paradise". Thanks to everyone! Glad you like it!


Further infos:

Making-of and behind the Scene look on Astronomer's Paradise with
Nikon Rumors
For best viewing quality here's the
original Video on Vimeo
A great review
on National Geographic News
ESO news
Rediscovering Life on Earth
"The Daily"
on iTunes

With best regards,
Christoph Malin