Dienstag, 4. September 2012

Yes! My ZENFOLIO Pages are up and running! Get yourself FINE ART Prints!

Finally!!! Many thanks to Dr. Lightroom and it's Zenfolio Plugin! Since I've had a lot of requests in the past where one could get prints of some of my astro-images - I dropped SmugMug and worked hard on my new Zenfolio Portfolio Page! YES!

Some of my best images can now be worldwide ordered as magnificent prints in all imaginable sizes and forms like gallery wraps, framed images or just classic prints… They have stunning gadgetry at Zenfolio, everyone should find a format that fits.

here we go to the Christoph Malin Zenfolio Page!!

Christophmalin.com Zenfolio Frontpage! Christoph Malin on Zenfolio!